“No War Peace Theater” is a small, public pavilion making a space for fostering peace.

It makes a space inside a black and white cube, symbol of people’s differences and similarities.

A split, a cleave of light, through top and front signifies universal space between people’s difference as well as that collective space that connects and conjoins.

The thin cleave looks up and in and across. Up to sky space. In to interior space. Out to people.

This cleave of light speaks to the world and crises of three ecologies: the ecology of People to Earth, People to Sky, and People to People.

Cleave of light stands for the reality and paradox of human nature. We need both separation as well as unity. We are the same because we are different.

“No War Peace Theater” is a symbolic and practical container, a vessel for holding and carrying forward our paradoxical and perpetual search for peace in endless war.

By day ­­— a quiet space of calm, by night ­­— a space for public peace programmes.

In day time, it is a dark, empty space with a slot of light coming
in and a long view looking out.

At night is a space, a volume, which resonates interior, inner
light, a glow and sound from people’s programmes and voices.

There are two volumes: a cube holding and carrying energy pressing out: and the volume of people’s work and actions, soft and loud, advocating and working towards some better kinds of peace ­­— inside and out.


2017 – Peace Art & Music Festival – No War Peace Theater, Pavilion 1, Seoul, S. Korea
2018 – No War Peace Theater 2 – North and South Korea Demilitarized Zone, Joint Security Area
2019 – No War Peace Theater – News 1 – Presentation, School of Architecture, UCLA
2020 – No War Peace Theater Model – Museum of Unwanted Architecture, Bombay Beach, Salton Sea, California
2022 – No War Peace Theater Flowers, M&S Schmalberg Flower Company, NY
2022 – No War Peace Theater News 2 – The Hague Humanity Hub, Open Day, International Peace Month, Presentation
2022 – No War Peace Theater Music Barn, Roklyn, Toronto, Canada
No War Peace Theater, Nixon/Krushchev, Cold War Kitchen Debate Table, Found Original, USA
2023 – No War Peace Theater, Gate 1, News 3 – The Atrium Hague City Hall, Presentation for Atrium Peace Month Installation
Kafka No War Paradoxical Peace Theater, Prague, CZE
2024 – No War Peace Theater, Gate 2, Mexicali, Mexico
No War Peace Theater Umbrella, NY
No War Peace Theater, Gate 2, Mexicali, Mexico
No War Peace Theater, Bell, Royal Eijsbouts Foundry, Asten, NL
No War Peace Theater, Tee Shirts, Big Frog, NY
No War Peace Theater, Dutch Office, Amsterdam, NL

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